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Extron GlobalViewer Enterprise

Manage Thousands of AV Systems from Your Help Desk or Mobile Device

Extron GlobalViewer® Enterprise server-based software takes enterprise-wide scheduling, monitoring, and help-desk functionality to a new level. Building on an already powerful feature set, this latest version provides a host of new and enhanced features that streamline and simplify many common AV tasks. Microsoft® .NET® technology allows GlobalViewer Enterprise to integrate with third-party facility scheduling software for viewing room availability and managing meeting schedules. GlobalViewer Enterprise 2.3 requires configurations created in Extron Global Configurator 3.5.2 or later, or in Global Configurator Professional and Global Configurator Plus 1.3 or later.

New features for version 2.3:

  • Global Configurator Professional Scheduling support — GlobalViewer Enterprise now supports scheduling for Global Configurator 3 as well as Global Configurator Professional and Global Configurator Plus projects.
  • Custom Driver View — Allows customization of visible commands in the Device Status view.
  • LDAP group authentication support — Users can be easily added with LDAP group authentication.

Global Viewer Enterprise offers the following features:

  • Server-based, AV system monitoring and resource management software
  • Enterprise-wide scheduling, monitoring and enhanced help desk functionality
  • Supports Extron TouchLink®, TouchLink Pro, IP Link®, IP Link Pro, MediaLink®, MediaLink Plus, and PoleVault® as well as third-party control systems such as AMX and Crestron
  • Increased integration with third-party facility scheduling software, such as Microsoft Exchange Server and CollegeNET R25
  • Custom helpdesk layouts allow customized help desk views by user account
  • Support for projectors with multiple lamps
  • iGVE app enables on-the-go access to GlobalViewer Enterprise from your Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch
  • Extensive system data collection with a comprehensive set of management reports
  • Scalability to grow as your AV system installation grows
  • No programming required

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