Extron GlobalViewer Enterprise

Manage Thousands of AV Systems from Your Help Desk or Mobile Device

Extron GlobalViewer® Enterprise server-based software takes enterprise-wide scheduling, monitoring, and help desk functionality to a new level. Building on an already powerful feature set, this latest version provides a host of new and enhanced features that streamline and simplify many common AV tasks. Microsoft® .NET® technology allows GlobalViewer Enterprise to integrate with third-party facility scheduling software for viewing room availability and managing meeting schedules.

GlobalViewer Enterprise offers the following features:

  • Server-based, AV system monitoring and resource management software
  • Enterprise-wide scheduling, monitoring and enhanced help desk functionality
  • Supports Extron TouchLink®, TouchLink Pro, IP Link®, IP Link Pro, eBUS®, MediaLink®, MediaLink Plus, and PoleVault®
  • Increased integration with third-party facility scheduling software, such as Microsoft Exchange Server, iCalendar, Google Calendar, CollegeNET R25, and 25Live
  • Global Configurator Professional Scheduling support
  • Custom help desk layouts allow customized help desk views by user account
  • Support for projectors with multiple lamps
  • Custom Driver view allows customization of visible commands in the Device Status view
  • iGVE app enables on-the-go access to GlobalViewer Enterprise from your Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch
  • Extensive system data collection with a comprehensive set of management reports
  • Scalability to grow as your AV system installation grows
  • LDAP group authentication support
  • No programming required

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GVE Grant Program
GVE Grant Program

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GlobalViewer® Enterprise
GlobalViewer Enterprise

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