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Global Configurator Plus and Global Configurator Professional

Advanced Configuration Software for AV Control Systems

Global Configurator is Extron’s most powerful and versatile control system configuration software. It is designed to be used exclusively with Extron Pro Series control systems, and·helps streamline integration within today’s demanding AV control environments. Within this latest version, powerful features, such as conditional logic, variables, and macros provide even greater flexibility for more elaborate control system designs. Global Configurator has two modes. Global Configurator Plus is ideal for smaller scale applications requiring one control processor and one control interface. Global Configurator Professional includes all of the powerful features within Global Configurator Plus with the addition of expanded features that make it especially suited for applications requiring multiple control processors, enhanced functionality, and advanced configuration.

Key Features:

  • Designed to be used exclusively with Extron Pro Series control systems
  • Conditional logic – Allows button operations to be contingent on a variety of separate conditions.
  • Local variables - Allows the user to emulate external feedback within the project.
  • Controller groups – Available within Global Configurator Professional, this feature enables multiple control processors to function together as one for more complex systems.
  • Virtual TouchLink support – TouchLink for iPad and TouchLink for Web provide additional points of control for rooms equipped with TouchLink touchpanels.
  • Controller Macros – Allow several commands to be connected for fast and easy implementation of control system configurations.
  • Controller Templates – Use an existing configuration project for easy creation of multiple identical configuration projects.
  • Enhanced user interface - Helps streamline configuration.
  • Library of enhanced, Extron Certified device drivers
  • Configure Extron IP Link Pro control processors with the latest BMS - Building Management System protocols, including BACnet, KNX, and DALI - These protocols allow for centralized monitoring and control of mechanical and electrical systems that include HVAC, lighting, power, fire, and security.
  • String support within drivers - Serial and Ethernet drivers will now have the ability to accept ASCII commands.

Software How-To Videos
Global Configurator Plus and Professional

Global Configurator Plus and Professional

Introduction of Global Configurator Plus and Professional

Global Configurator Professional Home Page

Global Configurator Home Page

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