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Company Background

Who We Are

Established in 1983, Extron Electronics is a leading manufacturer of professional AV system integration products. Extron products are used to integrate video and audio into presentation systems for today's high tech boardrooms, presentation/training centers, university lecture halls, and other applications.

Product categories include:

  • Computer-Video Interfaces allow the connection of large screen data displays to computers, such as PC, Macintosh, SGI, and SUN workstations.
  • Switchers allow routing of multiple computer, video, and/or audio source signals to an individual output device.
  • Matrix Switchers route multiple computer, video, and/or audio source signals to multiple output devices.
  • Distribution Amplifiers send source signals to multiple devices while maintaining original signal integrity over long cable runs.
  • Scalers take one video resolution and adjust it to another to match a video signal to a display device.
  • Scan Converters allow recording of computer-video outputs onto videotape for applications such as viewing software information via a VCR.
  • Signal Processors can improve the quality of an image by altering a signal, making routing and distribution easier, or allowing images to be displayed in a way that would not normally be possible.
  • Ethernet Control Interfaces connect to AV equipment and provide flexible control, proactive monitoring, and troubleshooting of connected products.
  • Cables connect all equipment in the AV system.

To provide dedicated, full-service support to Extron customers worldwide, Extron Electronics has a number of offices around the globe. Extron headquarters, located in Anaheim, CA, is the engineering and main manufacturing site for Extron products. In 1994, Extron Europe was opened in The Netherlands. In 1995, Extron Asia was launched in Singapore, and in 2000, Extron Japan was established in Tokyo.

Additionally, Extron combined operations with Inline, Inc., an AV equipment manufacturer, in August 2002 to unite the strengths of each company and to lead the industry in technology development and customer service.

S3 Philosophy

Extron Milestones

In the early 1980s, projecting graphic images from desktop computers onto large screens was an idea just gaining ground. The impact of projecting computer video was, and continues to be, enormous. This new ability to share computer information with a large audience in one or more rooms created a ground swell that impacted specific industries and launched its own. During 20 short years, Extron focused on engineering products that enhance the integration and installation of projection systems. From the RGB 100 series computer interface to the latest IP Link® Ethernet Control Interfaces, Extron has developed many products to help move the industry forward. Read all about it in Extron Electronics: Looking Back at 20 Years in the AV Industry, with a forward by Andrew Edwards, president of Extron Electronics.

1983   Extron established and introduces the industry's first computer-video interface
Extron opens manufacturing and sales office in Stanton, California
1985   RGB Systems, Inc. dba Extron Electronics, is incorporated
First bulk cable (BNC-4) and first cable adapter (SY 25) introduced
1986   First switcher (SW 2 A) and ADA 3 Analog Distribution Amplifier introduced.
1987   Extron exhibits at Commtex (now InfoComm) for the first time
Extron partners with IBM during the production of their PS/2 PC and introduces the RGB 109.
Extron expands to new facility in Santa Fe Springs, California.
1988   RGB 202 interface and P/2 DA2 distribution amplifier introduced
First Extron catalog printed (6 pages)
1989   Extron publishes first issue of ExtroNews and Extron publishes Handbook of Computer Interfacing, Vol. I.
1990   S3 logo unveiled symbolizing Service, Support, and Solutions
1991   Extron introduces the first system switcher—System 8
Extron chosen to chair InfoComm® Shoot-Out® committee
1992   Extron introduces first Video Test Generators—VTG 50, VTG 100.
1993   Extron introduces first matrix switcher (Matrix 200) and first scan converter (Emotia).
1994   Extron opens European office in The Netherlands
Extron named Manufacturer of the Year by ICIA
1995   Extron opens Asia office in Singapore
Extron relocates headquarters to Anaheim, California.
1996   Extron School on the Road launched
CrossPoint Matrix Switchers introduced
1997   Extron headquarters expands to second building
Extron introduces first scaler--Andora
1998   Matrix 6400, System 5cr System Switcher, and VSC scan converters introduced.
1999   Architectural Adapter Plates (AAPs) introduced.
2000   Extron headquarters expands to third building in Anaheim
S3 Technical Institute Training Facility completed in Anaheim; School of AV Technologies launched
Extron opens Japan in Tokyo
Extron Asia expands to new, larger facility
2001   MediaLink®, Hideaway Surface Access products, and Twisted Pair technology introduced
S3 Technical Institute Training Facility completed in Singapore
Extron Institute School of AV Sales Integration launches
2002   Extron and Inline combine operations; fourth building in Orange, California added
VersaTools® line launched
S3 Technical Institute Training Facility completed in The Netherlands
Extron obtains patents for HSA 402 and Accu-Rate Frame Lock (AFLTM) technology
2003   IP Link® technology introduced
Extron Institute School of Instructional AV Technologies launches

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