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Extron Electronics

Company Background

Who we Are

Extron started with a single product in 1983, and has since developed thousands of innovative AV solutions for a diverse and demanding global marketplace. We design and manufacture AV components that work together to convert, switch and distribute signals, and control entire AV systems from a single interface. Our products enable effective communication in a variety of presentation environments, such as classrooms, boardrooms, houses of worship, lecture halls, and control centers. Today we have 30 offices worldwide, and back every product we make with uncompromising service, support, and solutions.


Extron products switch, distribute, stream, and control AV signals from any source to any destination while maintaining signal integrity and ease of integration in a wide variety of applications. These products include computer-video interfaces, switchers, configurable control systems, distribution amplifiers, signal processing equipment, streaming codecs, high resolution cables and audio products including speakers, digital signal processors, and amplifiers.

Where Our Products are Found

Extron products are found in environments ranging from small, single projector classrooms to large-scale entertainment venues. Applications include corporate boardrooms, presentation/training centers and university lecture halls, government and healthcare, retail and themed entertainment, courtrooms, broadcast venues, houses of worship, and rental and staging.

Our Technology Innovations

Extron has pioneered many technologies that integrators depend on to deliver AV systems that work. Proven Extron technologies include SpeedSwitch™ technology, EDID Minder®, and Key Minder® for ultra-fast, highly reliable switching of HDMI and DVI signals and HDCP-encrypted content. Extron has also developed a range of energy-saving technologies, including the first commercial Energy Star-qualified power amplifiers featuring CDRS ripple suppression technology that produce clean, high-quality sound from a compact Class D amplifier design. Extron's configurable control systems provide the most powerful configuration-based control capabilities in the industry.

World Class Engineering and Manufacturing

At Extron, we are committed to providing a superior product, and we know that in order to exceed your expectations, we must deliver with the very highest standards of quality. Refusing to compromise, we made a significant investment in the construction of a world-class design and manufacturing facility. We maintain complete control of the product design and manufacturing process with hundreds of engineers and highly-trained technicians, hundreds of thousands of feet of manufacturing space, and state-of-the-art technology machinery and instrumentation.

Our Commitment to Quality

Each Extron device is engineered to provide superior performance, dependability, and value. We’ve made significant investments in strict quality management to ensure product reliability, including:

  • ISO 9001:2008 certification
  • Fully equipped in-house testing facilities
  • Dedicated quality engineers and technicians
  • Advanced testing labs
  • Extensive functional testing in real-world environments
  • Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT)

Every product, from concept through production, is subjected to rigorous testing for safety, reliability, durability, and efficiency. Only after a product successfully passes AV industry and Extron-specific testing is it offered for sale.

We follow the comprehensive Total Quality System of design, manufacturing, and testing – from R&D through production, and all the way to customer service. Multiple fully equipped, accredited labs at the Extron Research and Development facility allow engineers and technicians to perform product testing against a full range of national and international codes and standards. Products are tested for heat generation, fire resistance, EMI/RFI susceptibility and emissions, and efficient use of energy, among other AV industry requirements.

Training and Certification

Extron is one of the world’s leading providers of training to the professional AV industry. We offer a wide variety of training and educational programs to help customers keep pace with new technologies and product developments. Extron Institutes include regional, instructor-led training at S3 training facilities and Extron Institutes on the Road, online training, videoconference training, and continuing education credits. Like a professional licence, Extron certifications offer recognized, industry-standard levels of knowledge and skills that integrators, designers, and consultants can add to their professional toolkit. Extron certification is earned through successful completion of a series of online and/or instructor-led training courses that are available in multiple languages. Classroom instruction is conducted at Extron’s world-class training facilities in our offices around the globe.  

Our Commitment to the Environment

We are committed to designing products and programs that save energy and resources. For example, we make it easy for customers to manage their AV systems for maximum efficiency with IP Link® controller processors and GlobalViewer® software. We also have the pro AV industry’s first complete family of ENERGY STAR® qualified amplifiers and highly efficient Level V desktop power supplies for low power consumption and reduced operating costs.  We offer efficient, right-sized integrated Mini Power Amplifiers and high performance matrix switchers that consume half the energy of similar models from other manufacturers.

Extron offers several programs to help people responsibly dispose of used products, including the Extron Power Supply Trade-In Program, and the Product Recycling Program, that enables US customers to return Extron products to us for responsible recycling. For complete information on all of Extron’s environmental efforts and policies, please visit www.extron.com/green.

Regional Offices

With more than 30 offices around the globe, Extron is able to provide dedicated, full-service support to customers worldwide. Extron’s global presence means that we are here for you, wherever you are.

Our Mission

Extron was built on the core value of professional integrity with the ultimate goal of complete customer satisfaction. This commitment, reflected in our three guiding principles of Service, Support, and Solutions, evolved into the Extron S3 corporate philosophy:

Service – To provide the best customer experience possible. Our friendly and knowledgeable support team is always ready to assist with product or application questions, technical support, and system design advice. You can be confident that this highly trained team will provide you with any resources needed to support you and help simplify the task of system integration.

Support – To help our customers keep pace with the latest technology and product developments through training and education. Extron places a high priority on the value of educating our customers, not just selling a product. We present a wide variety of training and educational programs throughout the world each year to broaden your AV knowledge and help you keep pace with new technologies and product developments.

Solutions – To engineer and manufacture products that provide the highest level of performance, dependability, and value. No solution is complete without the right product. Our wide selection of innovative product solutions meets the needs of any application. Each product is engineered to provide the performance, dependability, and value that you can rely on to meet your highest expectations.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

Our commitment to satisfy you is paramount. In every interaction with Extron, you can be confident you will receive our S3 commitment to Service, Support, and Solutions.  To underscore this commitment, we offer our Satisfaction Guarantee. We will work diligently to resolve any issue you have with your purchase until you are completely satisfied. Extron employees are prepared to do whatever it takes to make certain that the entire process of doing business with us is a positive and professionally rewarding experience for you.



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