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Extron Certification Overview

In today’s ever-changing business environment, it is essential to keep pace with advances in complex technologies and products. Education and certification can help accomplish this goal, as well as provide an objective way to measure performance for a given job at a defined skill level. Like a professional license, certification instills confidence through reliable evidence of a critical set of knowledge and skills. Acquired fluency and expertise in any field saves valuable time and money, and ensures a higher level of customer service and satisfaction.

Certification Process

Begin by choosing the certification track you wish to pursue and familiarizing yourself with the roadmap for that track. Courses for each track may comprise a combination of online and instruction-led courses, as well as a proctored exam depending on the certification. The online portions can be taken on any Internet-enabled PC (Extron's E-training is currently not available for Macintosh® operating systems). Proctored exams are currently conducted at Extron's world-class training facilities and during Extron Institutes on the road.

Extron AV Associate

  • Video Fundamentals
  • Audio Fundamentals
  • Control and Networking Fundamentals Templates
  • Extron Products and Tools

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Extron Control Specialist

  • Master Global Configurator Plus software
  • Control system design concepts
  • Configure a wide range of room control functions using Global Configurator Plus
  • Create custom control interfaces using GUI Designer software, plus GUI design best practices
  • System validation

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Extron Control Professional

  • Master Global Configurator Professional software
  • Advanced control system design concepts for larger, more sophisticated applications
  • Advanced configuration using Global Configurator Professional
  • Configuring for integration with GlobalViewer Enterprise AV Resource Management
  • Create custom control interfaces using GUI Designer software, plus GUI design best practices
  • Complex system validation

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Extron XTP Systems Design Engineer

  • Digital AV Technologies
  • XTP Systems Theory
  • XTP Systems Design

Learn more about Extron XTP Systems Design Engineer Certification

Extron XTP Systems Technician

  • Digital AV Technologies
  • Terminating for XTP
  • XTP Systems Configuration Software Overview
  • XTP Systems Installation, Configuration, and Commissioning
  • XTP Systems Validation and Troubleshooting

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